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Team Members



  • What does BMP stand for?
    BMP stands for Build, Motivate, Prosper. But what do we stand for?
  • If I have a question on documentation, my transactions, or the automated system - who do I ask?"
    Stephanie England is the guru of all things transaction support. She is your go-to for questions regarding your documentation, commission checks, the automated system, and anything else you need to close your deals! Stephanie England M: 928-208-6182
  • Who do I contact regarding my social media presence, my business branding, marketing materials or generating leads? "
    The BMP marketing team is the best resource for social media management, specific to your BMP business pages. They can also help you grow your personal branding and even show you how to generate leads via social media! Bethany Dameron M: 928-662-8338
  • What is BMP University?
    BMP University is a compilation of training videos designed specifically to help our agents build their business and provide outstanding value.
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