Frequently asked questions

Do you do landscaping jobs?

Unearthed Earthmoving are not landscapers though we pride ourselves on being the shaping specialists and working together with landscapers. We carry out the following earthmoving jobs to support your landscaping needs:

  • Turf preps and site levelling
  • Spreading topsoil
  • Backfilling retaining walls
  • Trenching for drainage and irrigation
  • Spoon drains
  • Contouring
  • Material and rubbish removal

How long does a job take and what are your rates?

Every earthmoving job is different. Prices and quotes will vary. We need to take into consideration the size and scope of the job, the terrain, access to the site and the conditions on the day. It's Unearthed Earthmoving's years of experience and knowledge that will ensure you receive a reliable estimate. We stand behind our services and will not compete on price. Although our rates are very competitive for South East Queensland earthmoving, our advantage is reliability, quality workmanship and overall efficiency which will help your budget at the end of the day. Unearthed Earthmoving has a minimum charge of 2-hours on site plus a flat travel rate of 1 hour. A higher travel rate applies to locations further than 50km from our Ningi depot. Hire rates are available on request, please complete our CONTACT FORM and we will be in touch. Complex jobs may require a site inspection prior. All machines and attachments are wet hired (hired with one of our experienced operators) for our minimum charge at the machines hourly hire rate. All attachments have a 1-hour minimum charge. Tolls are additional.

What areas do you service?

Unearthed Earthmoving is based in the Moreton Bay Region and provides earthmoving solutions to the construction industry, general public and civil contractors from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast.

My site has tight access, is this a problem?

We have machines that are specially designed for tight access as narrow as 1.5m.

Can you visit the job before quoting?

If required, we offer a free no-obligation site inspection to better provide you with a quote.

Do you provide rubbish removal?

Yes, we can. If your job requires rubbish or material removal (concrete, dirt/soil, green waste, building materials, general waste etc) Unearthed Earthmoving can take from your site to tip. Additional charges will apply.

Are your operators experienced?

All Unearthed Earthmoving operators are trained to Australian standards and have passed our specific final trim requirements. Unearthed Earthmoving is fully licenced and insuranced. Safety and professionalism are our priority.