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Team Members


What We Are Looking For?

Hard Truth

Who is BMP looking for?

We are looking for

  • Business partnerships.

  • Someone who ultimately wants to make this their primary source of income.

  • Team Players.

  • Someone who understands the team concept.

  • Someone who understands how leverage can create more results

  • People who want to build a massive business together.

  • People who align with our MVVBP


We offer an extreme amount of ongoing training & support. In fact, we are one of the most innovative real estate teams in the nation. However, we are not looking for agents to join our team for our training only, we are looking for agents who truly understand the value of a team and are interested in a partnership with us and the other agent partners with BMP. 


We are looking for the people who believe what we believe. We have a passion for helping others through service with a service based aggressive approach. 


We are looking for someone who knows that a career in real estate is more than a job. As a real estate agent partner with BMP Network you become a business owner for yourself and as a representative of the team. Someone who is willing to put in the work and who is willing and comfortable being uncomfortable.


This career provides the opportunity to create freedom for your life, allows you to truly help others, and the ability to have an income as high as someone with a doctorate and/or years of schooling without all the costs and time to get started. In fact, by joining the BMP Network you will have all the tools, resources, systems, models and experience backing you that the top producing teams and companies in the nation have available, and with no monthly cost to you. 




What are you waiting for?  Let's sell some real estate!

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