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About BMP Network


About BMP




  1. Our name stands for who we are, (BMP) Build Motivate Prosper. Together we are Building an extraordinary business, Motivating ourselves and each other, creating Prosperous lifestyles.





  1. A group or system of interconnected people or things.
    "a trade network"
    synonyms: system, complex, nexus, web, webwork
    "a network of friends"


Our Beliefs:

  • Together is better, alone sucks

  • Finding the best in everyone

  • Mastery is in the daily process, not in the end result

  • Never lower your standards

  • Always be learning

  • Implement immediately

  • Listen more, speak less

  • Be extremely committed

  • Accept responsibility

  • Take massive initiative

  • Create outstanding value

  • Always showing up






To change lives and build foundations for uncontainable passion and a driving force for prosperous careers.



An empire of real estate agents serving their communities and capitalizing through leverage, support, and systems.



We embrace the diversity and influence of people, ideas, and cultures. We support and honor the communities that provide us with our livelihood. We are obligated to lead by example in our ideals, words, and deeds.



We believe accountability, virtue, drive, and consistency are the keys to success.



The BMP Network is an empire designed for evolvement. We build, motivate, and incite for prosperity within the people we serve with an interdependent relationship. Evolving agents with mentoring and education are paramount in establishing the financial freedom and passion to supersede a mediocre lifestyle and imprisoned dreams.

Why Us:

Imagine an opportunity that allows any new/seasoned/experienced real estate agent to immediately have all the systems, tools, support, automation, technology, marketing, training, and business model that a top producing mega agent business has. And costs you $0 per month.


Including but not limited to:

  • Full-time Transaction & Administrative Support

  • Marketing Department for creating, management & consistency

  • Library of marketing materials (updated consistently)

  • Team/Agent Social Media Management

  • Team/Agent Social Media Marketing

  • Team Pay Per Click Campaigns

  • Blogging, SEO, Value Content

  • Email marketing to our database, long-term

  • The most powerfully advanced transaction automation system that we developed to help you connect, relate, convert, and never forget

  • Referral automation system to track follow up and close more referrals successfully that we developed

  • ASE - Appointment Setting Efficiency training & tracking to grow your business

  • Automated texting to new leads by Kunversion+

  • Additional automated text campaign to new leads by BMP Network

  • Automated past client texting campaign by BMP Network

  • Automated home warranty usage follow up campaigns

  • BMP pre-built drip campaigns to all lead types

  • Team Training

  • Customized/Proven BMP Scripts (PDF, Online & Video Training)

  • Tracking systems

  • Mass texting, mass calling, mass emailing on your behalf

  • Team Coaching

  • Proven structure for success

  • Inside Real Estate/Kunversion+ advanced technology CRM with your unique website, landing pages, text codes, smart number, and many more tools offered by IRE/KV.

  • Gsuite business account with unlimited storage

  • Developer/Programmer on payroll to continuously advance the BMP Automation System

  • Office space, furniture, private signing rooms

  • Lender partnership to generate and convert leads with us

  • BMP listing presentations

  • Team success track record that builds trust with clients

  • Professional photography, videography

  • Photo editing

  • 2D & 3D Floor plan creation (when applicable)

  • Virtual Staging (when applicable)

  • Professional Aerial Photography (when applicable)

  • Vacant land customized marketing aerial maps

  • BMP University - online video/text/forum/blog/email training to maximize every area of your business

  • BMP For Sale Signs

  • BMP sign riders

  • BMP Business Cards (high-quality plastic cards)

  • BMP Intranet 24 Hour Access 

  • Mobile App

  • Online mega open house instructions, with tech sign-ins and automated follow up

  • Ignite - Real Estate Training

  • eXp University

  • eXp World 

  • BMP Daily Motivation

  • BMP Follow Up Systems

  • BMP Buyer Roadmaps & Presentations

  • BMP Seller Roadmaps & Presentations

  • Homeowners Online Instant Evaluation Access

  • BMP Lockboxes

  • BMP Automated Showing Follow Up System that we developed

  • BMP Custom Landing Pages

  • BMP Massive Direct Mail Campaign **

  • BMP Social Media Training

  • Create Custom Text Codes

  • 1-800 Call Capture

  • Automated Postcards sent to seller leads with your contact info

  • Just Listed Postcards

  • BMP Culture (see video below)

  • Established team vendors & partnerships

  • Instagram for real estate training

  • Instagram management

  • Facebook for real estate training

  • Facebook management

  • Custom flyer creation

  • Custom marketing content 

  • Goal setting worksheets and goal setting training

  • Buyer house hunting sheets

  • BMP Facebook Messenger Bot (main BMP company page)



To recreate this business model on your own would take years and cost thousands and thousands of dollars with a lot of "experience" (good and bad).  A lot of risks. A lot of time.  We offer a partnership opportunity to build a career with us as a long-term partner on our expanding team.



  • Agents are dependent on the company or team.

  • Financial gain is directed primarily to the brokers and the company / team.

  • Agents have fewer opportunities for accumulating wealth. Examples:

    • Assistant to agent / team / company

    • Buyers agent (no sellers)

    • Managed by Company / Team not Lead and taught.  

  • You support the company / team they don't support you.

  • Limitations on leads & systems to you


BMP Network


  • Agents have an interdependent relationship with the company / team and a mutual interest in success.

  • Agents and BMP Network work together in achieving financial goals.

  • Agents have more opportunities for accumulating wealth. Examples:

    • Systems, Models, Tools, Training available to maximize our business.

    • Sales Agents (work buyers & sellers both)

    • Lead & Coached by BMP Network 

  • We support each other and provide opportunity together.

  • BMP Network assumes the financial risk for operating the business on the front end.


100% / Discount Companies / Teams


  • Agents independent and have a landlord/tenant relationship with the company or team.

  • Company / Team is focused on agent count and not agent/team financial gain.

  • Agents assume all legal, financial, management, marketing, training, and business building responsibilities.

  • You support you. None or limited internal high-level support.

  • No growth or development on systems to make the company grow. Growth is soley on agent count.


According to Gary Keller's book The Millionaire Real Estate Agent (MREA), the average net income of several profitable, producing agents whom he interviewed is 41.6% net.  The screenshots below are taken from the MREA Economic business model:

BMP Network Partnership Opportunity:


The BMP Network offers an opportunity that includes everything we mentioned above, at no risk, and no monthly costs.  We offer a true partnership, not a "passengership".  A typical company/team treats the agents, associates, brokers as customers.  We treat you as partners in our business.  We love talking about partnership opportunities with like-minded people who are on a mission to create an extraordinary business in real estate.


We believe that our agent partners have more opportunity with us than any of us do on our own.


In fact, our agent partners have a higher net income than the example from MREA above!






  • We won't "buy" you

  • We won't send you on a cruise to entice you or pay your way to join us

  • We don't believe in desperation as a way to build value, we believe in the old quote:
    "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

  • We don't believe in micromanagement. We do believe that people choose to be accountable or not. Those who choose to be accountable will have a lasting and fulfilling partnership with BMP Network.

  • We will have income producing conversations

  • We will continue to serve on a high level

  • We will always accept responsibility

  • We will always take massive initiative 

  • We will continue to create outstanding value

  • We will always have Extreme Commitment

  • To always have Immediate Innovation and Implementation

  • To build the best business relationship possible

  • To live our best lives

A sustainable world means working together to create prosperity for all.


Jacqueline Novogratz

Got Culture?

Got Culture?

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• Hungry
• A person who walks into a room with confidence
• Someone who is probably or intends to be physically fit
• The person who likely doesn’t balance their checkbook but knows how much they
have at all times
• Someone who probably is the person others look up to
• Extremely committed
• Likely to play in a competitive sport
• Someone who had a difficult upbringing or ‘had to grow up fast’ sort
of upbringing
• Looking for opportunity or the chance to make a difference
• Someone who maximizes their resources
• Someone who sees winning as an addiction
• A person who can win without needing to see another person lose
• Wanting to be part of something bigger than yourself
• Not afraid to make a lot of phone calls 
• Comfortable being uncomfortable 
• Someone who earns everything through hard work and has no sense of entitlement 
• The first one to show up and the last one to leave daily
• Energetic 
• Good at solving problems and can deal with stressful situations 
• An adult and acts like it

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