David Queen

Savage Agent/Head Honcho


David Queen is the visionary and innovator of the #BMP Network. He is always ten steps ahead of everyone, including himself. His strengths include having conversations devised purely of questions, deferring to his director of operations, and running on three hours of sleep each day. His goal is to have Facebook renamed Davidbook, from his sheer dominance of everyone's timelines. 

E: nick@bmpnetwork.com

M: 928-208-1529

Nick Lang

Expansion Manager

Nick Lang is the youngest member of the executive team at #BMP Network. His age didn't stop him from pursuing his dreams of being an Expansion Manager at the #BMP Network (and neither did the restraining orders). His strengths include positive communication, perfect hair, and freakishly neat handwriting. His goals are to bench press more than fifty pounds and to grow a beard as full as he grows the #BMP Network.

Stephanie England

Support Manager / Staff Manager / Systems Development Manager


Stephanie England has been the superhero of transaction management for over ten years. Her favorite sports teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Pirates and the Pittsburgh Penguins and though it was not confirmed, there is suspicion that she may be from Pennsylvania. Her strengths include walking and chewing bubblegum at the same time, multi-tasking while multi-tasking, and being able to reach high shelves. Her goals are to invent a teleportation device and use it to travel the world.

E: stephanie@bmpnetwork.com

M: 928-208-6182

Nicole Stewart

Marketing Manager


Nicole can produce massive amounts of marketing materials and social media content in 3.5 minutes. She has a wealth of information stored inside her mind ranging from multi-media, social media, marketing, processes, systems and automation. It is said that silicon valley was her "real" birthplace and that she may be the first living "bot".  One of her superhero strengths is the ability to download data from the internet within minutes while creating marketing materials and running social media campaigns.