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Promoting Your Business - YOU!

People suffer financially because they are unable and unwilling to get in front of enough people fast enough in order to promote themselves, their services, and their products.  Real estate agents, lenders, and salespeople, in general, suffer from tying the emotions to their actions.  Have you heard the saying " Stay in your head you're dead"? Be unemotional about promoting you because you are so emotional about the level of service that you know you will provide to your clients. 

Whenever you see someone getting a result that you thought was not possible.....Well, it's because they were unreasonable and disregarded the things that most people consider important. And because of that, they are getting more results.

There is no one thing that you can tell anyone that would cause them to not do business with you.

You MUST get frequent before you get great!

There is no lack of information, systems, knowledge, tools, resources in order to promote yourself.  However, there is a massive lack of people who are willing to take action and do what it takes in order to become the best in this industry.

Most salespeople don't promote themselves because they are afraid that they can not hit the target with their weapon (themselves).  This belief destroys lives.  Replace this belief with the most empowering version possible.  Be the one who dominates the industry in promoting themselves. The one who takes the most action.





Get out and meet as many people as you can. Promote yourself and your business and don’t be shy about it. You need to campaign like you are running for president. If someone doesn’t know you, they’ll never buy from you!


Today's Challenge

  • I want you to "Celebrity Brand" your Business. Add 10 people to your list and make sure you look the part. 

  • I want you to BRAND Yourself so your customers NEVER forget you.  Share the #BMP affirmations, motivational quotes and sales stats on your social media. Post 5 times per day on social media and share to 40 facebook groups.

  • I want you to Build a World Class Sales Machine.  Feed your website with traffic that continues to flow and turn into more leads and more contacts for you to follow up with. Schedule your day every single day to post and to follow up with each contact in your database.

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