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How to Market YOUR Business

How To Market Your Business


When most of us think of marketing, we think flyers or commercials or some sort of paid ad. We don't think about people being a marketing tool.

The most important and effective marketing tool in our business are the people in the business. People will do business with people like them and/or people who are like they want to be (someone they look up to). People will also do business with the people they see most frequent.

Therefor by not marketing ourselves and the people in our business we are making an error.

The world is spending unbelievable amounts of time on the internet doing research or using social media platforms. The more those sources are being used to reach and communicate the more valuable the personal contact becomes.

We should absolutely dominate our market using virtual marketing to keep our clientele thinking about us. But we cant let that be our sole dependence when we think “marketing.”

We also need to remember to make a personal visit or write a personal letter. Don’t use one avenue to market, use them all, even old school- “John, I am 5 minutes away and wanted to stop by and say Hey.”


You are in the people business, not the billboard, social media or Youtube business.

You want to be EVERYWHERE.

Send emails, make phone calls, do personal visits and dominate with other traditional and non-traditional means of marketing!

Taking a few minutes to just see how someone is doing will guarantee you a much higher chance of earning their business later on.

Remember, if you take a smart, consistent, personable, and aggressive approach to marketing you and your business, you are guaranteed to find success.

You Are A Business

Some real estate agents think that if they have a license or a listing then, like magic, leads will come and they’ll be a success in real estate. But successful real estate agents don’t sit around or rely solely on advertising or their brokerage name to build a brand.

A fundamental quality of successful real estate agents is the mindset and willingness to do whatever it takes to build a business that makes money and provides value to the community they serve.

"Businesses and individuals have become too reliant on spending to get attention and don’t know how to build a brand with action."

There are 4 types of people online:

  1. Mr. Passive This person spends time browsing, watching videos, scrolling through their news feed and watching what others are up to.

  2. Mr. Engaged This person spends time liking, sharing, commenting, taking pictures of their food, and checking in. Many times giving their political opinions and "venting". This person can also be found criticizing others actions.

  3. Mr. Creator This person is found blogging, making videos, focusing on producing content that others will actually consume. Might have a few thousands followers online. This person typical wants to look like the professional and spends a lot of time researching how and making their content look the part.

  4. Mr. Overtaker This person has an insatiable appetite to get known. Understands their potential and is in an all-out sprint, all the time to post content, give value, and become a star. This person is one you can not seem to get away from. Their posts are everywhere, all day long. They may be labeled as someone who "posts too much". They engage with their audience and they are obsessed with reaching more people and being known for dominating their space online.

You ONLY want to be in the 4th group above.

Even with limited or no resources, you can create content that people engage with — but it will take time, energy, and extreme commitment.


Become the name or at least in the top two or three names in the market you work and live in.

Become the most dependable person & business in your market and then become a celebrity real estate agent. Become the one everyone is talking about; the one that’s getting all the criticism and all the admiration.

The bottom line is if you don’t have time to promote yourself, nobody is going to know you. When nobody knows you, nobody goes to you.

Old VS New Marketing

Old Way: Newspaper

New Way: Blog Posts

Old Way: Radio

New Way: Podcasting

Old Way: TV

New Way: YouTube

Old Way: In Person Networking

New Way: Social Media

Old Way: Newspaper

New Way: Blog Posts

Back in the day, you had to get out of your house, go across town, and meet up with people in person to start prospecting and to get known.

You could—and still can—also use the phone to network with people—something that is lost on many people even today.

I can network with people today on Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and every other social media platform your customer spends their time on.

You can search a person’s profile, get data, and befriend people and message them without ever seeing them face-to-face.

You can find an army of people to network with and collaborate with on these networks. Face-to-face networking is still very effective, but if you aren’t networking on social media, you’re not really networking.


Use ALL Methods above

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