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Persistence Matters

Persistence matters in all walks of life. Let me explain.

You won't get jacked from hitting the gym once. Going to the gym once isn’t going to do anything for long term or to do anything other than make you temporarily sore. The same applies to going once a month or even once a week. Getting jacked muscles requires a consistent commitment to working out.

The examples are endless:

  • You won’t get rested sleeping once—you need to repeat that sleep cycle every 24 hours.

  • You won’t get fat eating a pizza—but you will get fat eating a pizza every night.

  • You won’t get rich making one sale, yet you will get rich making sale after sale after sale.

  • You won’t form a great friendship with one outing together…but after multiple outings, you’ll find you have a great friend.

  • Following-up a customer just once won’t lead to a sale, but if you follow them up over and over you will get the sale.

Persistence is one of the most valuable and necessary virtues of the successful.

It is guaranteed that you will hit times of difficulty, opposition and failure. We must use this knowledge to serve our future self. The only way to conquer this is to persist.

Those that are unable to matter what it is......will fail.

Tip: Create daily habits with the things that matter most. Things that you can persist. Things that will create a positive impact on your business and will ultimately serve your future.

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