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Marketing That Gets Results

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Whatever you do, be sure you stick with it. Take action consistently and aggressively during every day, week, month and throughout the year. You must commit to a marketing program throughout the year—not just when you need the business.

Whether it’s a traditional advertisement or some more innovative marketing strategies, make sure you can stay with it because all marketing takes some time to get traction. 

While this technique ensures a steady stream of new business contacts in the future, it isn’t guaranteed to reap immediate results. The promotion you conduct today sets in motion a selling cycle that will result in new business when you need it six months into the future.


Here are some types of marketing that you can implement immediately:

☛ Send 50 social media DM's per day ☛ Post on your personal Facebook 3 times per day, Post on your business Facebook 3 times per day, Post in groups 5 times per day. ☛ Post on your social media stories daily ☛ Add 20 - 50 new friends to Facebook daily ☛ Post on Instagram 3 times per day following our Instagram Training ☛ Engage on local feeds (local Facebook groups, Instagram location feeds) ☛ Make 50 dials per day. Complete a 5 & 5 (5 conversations with people you have met & 5 conversations with people you have not met) asking for business on each connect ☛ Text 25 people per day asking for business and driving traffic to your website ☛ Manually email your SOI list, past clients, and hot leads  ☛ Send 10 handwritten notes per day (expired, withdrawn listings, FSBO, past clients, SOI) ☛ Do a live video on FB daily and share to 5-10 groups ☛ Do a live video and bring another live user in, a vendor, client, friend or someone into the video with you from their Facebook account ☛ Do a live Instagram video daily ☛ Post on Instagram stories 10-15 times per day (share your day to day activities) ☛ Follow 50-100 local people on Instagram ☛ Create and work a Facebook "friend" list of targeted contacts ☛ Send a bulk email to all your database or by hashtag/group ☛ Send a bulk text to all your database or by search criteria ☛ Create text codes and post them ☛ Create call capture codes and post them ☛ "Pop-by" and see your "A" list. The people who send you referrals the most. Give them an item of value each time or take them to lunch. ☛ Leave 2 business cards in every house that you show, walk through, and at every restaurant and store you visit. ☛ Work the expired listings and withdrawn listings each day: - Drive to their house immediately with a copy of the expired/withdrawn listing and be the first one they see. Have a script ready to set the appointment with urgency and be prepared to do a listing presentation. - Create reminders to mail them 4 times in month 1 and then once per month for the following 6 months. - Research their phone numbers online using white pages and other websites. Call them frequently (2-3 times per week). ☛ Work the old expired listings and withdrawn listings. Go back 6 months and 1 year. Make sure they have not relisted since and if not follow the same campaign. (many times homeowners decide to "hold off" and re-list in the future.) ☛ Call / Door knock FSBO listings. Finding FSBO listings: - Craigslist - Facebook (groups, search bar, friends) - FSBO websites - When out driving stop and take pictures of the FSBO signs and/or email yourself the address and owners phone number so you can add it to a list.
☛ Call your SOI, text your SOI ask for referrals ☛ Contact real estate agents in nearby cities/states to build a referral network of agents to do business with and help them get referrals so they help you!
☛ Add real estate agents in other locations to all social media platforms and stay top of mind ☛ Join referral groups on Facebook and engage in them ☛ Post on Craigslist daily. - Tip! Post at least 10 times per day.

Don’t think of marketing in terms of just costing money since a lot of efforts can be made without any budget just by utilizing your energy!

Remember that all lead generation takes discipline with repetitive execution.  Spaced repetition over time.


Training Summary

You want results, but sometimes, results aren’t immediately seen. Effective marketing is about more than merely spending money to advertise. It’s about investing time & energy to make yourself known and valuable throughout the market. Stay consistent with your marketing plan and look at the bigger picture. To get real results, follow strategies (like above) every single day that you can use to dominate your market.

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