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How to level up

"If you want to avoid criticism be nothing, say nothing and do nothing."

Everything we want in life is 80% physiological and 20% mechanics.

  1. Prove it to ourselves that we can do it -- be driven by the insecurity.

  2. Prove it to others that we did it. Pride and self confidence affects us all.

  3. Prove it to others that they can do it. Choosing to empower not impress. Helping others to get to where they want to be (3 that define leadership)

MODEL the behavior you want to consistently see in that world. Be the energy you want to see in the world. What energy do you want to see? Take responsibility for the leadership role you want to see in your life.

STRATEGY - (How to)

Find someone who is where you want to be. Want to be happy? Find a happy person. Want to be successful? Find a successful person. Model their actions, habits and model what is uncomfortable. There is no lack of information on strategy, there is only a lack of people willing to execute the strategies that make them uncomfortable. Utilize the knowledge that is available to you if you really want to grow.

STORY - (Belief)

What story would you need to adopt in order for you to be where you want to be? Your story either builds a wall to block you from the strategy, or it’s a rock that catapults you into any strategy. What would you need to believe in order to get what you want? Why would you ever believe anything that doesn’t empower you?

What you say to yourself consistently with emotional intensity is what you become.

STATE - (Mindset)

We all have desired states and undesired states. However the state you are most emotional about defines your story. Most people wait for some event that will make them feel empowering. Make the decision to not need anything to happen in order to make you feel successful. The trick in life is to feel good for no apparent reason at all.

How do you define a state

  1. FOCUS - Do you focus on what you do want or what you don't want? Focus on what you want!!! The fear takes away the feeling of winning for most. Where focus goes energy flows. Perception is reality -- are you focused on what fell out of escrow or going out to get 6 more pending? How does the difference in these thoughts make you feel?

  2. LANGUAGE- What you says with emotional intensity often enough, you begin to believe. Pay attention to how you talk to yourself. Is it disempowering or empowering? How could you better speak to yourself? Never forget who you are and who you were born to be. Tell yourself I only fail if I give up. Don't let other people's circumstances and surroundings influence you to give up.

  3. BODY - (Motion equals emotion) Look how you want to feel!

Unconsciously we let things and people change our state.

  • Initiative, rollout/ launch- prime yourself every morning and step into that belief as if it is already done. This is something that needs to be done daily and long term. Most people do this to get inspired but then stop doing it. BUY IN, is this something you are doing consistently. Mastery, when you unconsciously inspire people to do what you do and it impacts others, this will take your company, relationship, family and life to a whole new level.

Most people believe that their destiny is already decided for you. It is not, your destiny is decided by you.

Destiny is a decision not a disease. It happens because of us not to us.

You can be a victim or a viking you decide.

MODEL The behavior you want to see in the world.

  1. Ask yourself harder/ better questions - Stop looking for the answer, the answer is the question. Questions control your focus.

  2. Take full responsibility/Own your Outcome - blaming a person, company or event is common amongst society today.

  3. Up the ante and find the compelling target (where exactly do you want to be? It should scare you a bit). Clarity is power.

  4. Surround yourself with a peer group who support your new targets. Are these people helping you get better and achieve these goals? Surround yourself around people who see you better then you see you. Are they empowering or disempowering?

  5. Feed the mind

  6. Take persistent, consistent, passionate action! There will never be a strategy that will ever replace taking massive action.

  7. Evaluate and track (is the action you're taking working if not, redirect but don’t stop).

  8. Celebrate your growth!

  9. Contribution, always give back. Giving is what really fulfills us. In order to give more you have to grow more.

The Truth about problems:

  1. Your problem is that you think your problem is the problem.

  2. The real problem is that you think your not supposed to have problems.

  3. Problems are gifts. Problems stimulate us to grow and give.

  4. The real problem is that you haven’t found and embraced an empowering meaning.

If you don't master your perception of things you cannot master life. Are you going to let it empower or disempower you.

5. We think we can get rid of problems, but we can’t. We can just get better quality problems.

6. Problems and happiness have no relationship.

Whoever always looks for the greener grass on the other side will never be able to appreciate the green grass that was right under their feet the entire time.

Potential (emotional approach) ---> Action ---> Results ---> Story

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