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Get on the same page

Not getting on the same page with your team, spouse, or partner is a major problem.

You are either building an empire, or destroying one. There is no in between.

Some people are unaware of this problem. Others do not want to address it.

This is one of the most important things you can do to ensure success, but more importantly, happiness.

A question you absolutely need to answer is “How do we get on the same page, and what can I do specifically to help?”

Don’t underestimate the importance of having your goals aligned.

If you’ve been on a team or in a partnership/relationship where the other person was not supportive you know how difficult everything becomes.

You want to go in one direction and the other party wants to go in another direction and nothing gets accomplished.

When both/all of you have the same mindset and are working on the same or similar goals you’ll both be happier and more successful.

This requires both/everyone to get alignment on their goals. Start with each of you getting clear on what each of you wants.

Sit down and see which goals align, which are in conflict, and then which ones are most valuable for both/everyone together.

The same applies to a relationship or a business. Lots of people have lots of ideas in a company. But until everyone gets behind the right ideas the company will suffer.

Two pulling together can get the results of ten. Two pulling in different directions will get nothing done.

It can’t, and won’t work if you are not on the same page with your team/partner.


Have you thought about how to discover each other’s assets?

What are the most valuable goals of the team/partnership/relationship?

How do you develop each other’s talents? What are each of you good at?

Do allow yourself to judge and/or get annoyed by your team/partner?

Do you look for the good and find the best in your team/partner?

Using each other’s assets toward a common goal will increase your chances of success and happiness.

Meet once a week to clarify where you are going as a team/couple. Then every month meet again to align the mission and strategy.

We are successful because we are deciding together what is important. We support each other in achieving those goals. And each is willing to flow power to the other in order to accomplish those goals.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jul 09, 2018

This is great information and very true! Thanks for sharing!

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