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Create an Obsession


What you are obsessed with will become a reality. If you’re obsessed with filling your database you will find ways to add more contacts to add to your database.  If you’re obsessed with money problems, you’ll always have money problems.  If you focus on understanding how to set more appointments you will find more or better ways to get appointments.

"Where focus goes, energy flows" - Tony Robbins


Here are some ways to help create an obsession with reaching your goals:

☛ Complete a 1-3-5 ☛ Use a planner. I recommend the "Panda Planner" ☛ Wake up early and write your goals in a notebook ☛ Write your goals down when you have a setback or failure ☛ Track your daily activities ☛ Track your measurable items (numbers, time frames, activities) ☛ Plan your day, plan your week, plan your month (in writing) ☛ Review your day, week, & month (in writing) ☛ Be black and white on whether your day was a "win" or a "loss". Did you "grow" or "die".  ☛ Write down what you completed to get closer to your goal. Write down what you will do better going forward. ☛ Talk about your goals and vision with your family, friends, and peers. ☛ Write down a plan on how your family, friends, and peers can support you in getting to your goal and share it with them. ☛ Write your vision down as if it has already happened and what it has done for you and others. ☛ What is at risk? What is the pain related to not hitting your goal? What if you were to stay exactly the same or worse? ☛ Operate at a "level 7" Extreme Commitment every day  ☛ We grow into the conversations we create, so talk about your daily activities every day throughout the day ☛ Don't overthink. Keep it simple. ☛ Create a vision board ☛ Change the background image on your phone, desktop, laptop & tablet to something that relates to this new obsession. Your why or a reminder. ☛ Remove negativity from your life. Don't watch the news, unfollow negative posts on social media. ☛ Become very strict with your time and your calendar ☛ Treat your off days as more time to reach your goals. Do something to moves you forward each day

Remember that becoming obsessed means that you are willing to do whatever it takes. That accomplishing this goal is the only option in your life. If you have a plan B, you are not extremely committed and obsessed with making it happen.


Today's Challenge

The average person doesn’t read books. I remember reading once that most people read less than one book a year after they finish school. Today, find a book you’d benefit from reading and take 20 minutes to start reading it. Make it your goal to finish it within the next 2 weeks. Look for the 1 thing that you can take away and implement immediately from the book. Then share it with someone else.

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