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BMP Network Culture

I believe in order to have success on a high level we must align in our beliefs, desires, goals, vision and our appreciations. Below is the definition of our team name, our beliefs and what culture means to us.





  1. Our name stands for who we are, (BMP) Build Motivate Prosper. Together we are Building an extraordinary business, Motivating ourselves and each other, creating Prosperous lifestyles.




  1. A group or system of interconnected people or things. "a trade network" synonyms: system, complex, nexus, web, webwork "a network of friends"


Our Beliefs:

  • Together is better, alone sucks

  • Finding the best in everyone

  • Mastery is in the daily process, not in the end result

  • Never lower your standards

  • Always be learning

  • Implement immediately

  • Listen more, speak less

  • Be extremely committed

  • Accept responsibility

  • Take massive initiative

  • Create outstanding value



We believe in always doing the right thing. Win win or no deal. We believe in doing whatever it takes to go above and beyond what anyone else could ever expect of us. To under promise and over deliver in all activities. Our goal is to out produce each other in the amount of value we bring to one another's lives & business. No one nor one thing can break or stand in our way because the depth of our trust and care for each others lives is stronger than all else.

We choose to live in pursuit of the next version of ourselves and to the next level in business. We will never settle or lower our standards to appease anyone. Our actions show it and our results prove it.


Culture is a lifestyle. It is who you are, how you live all the time. It is not something you turn on and pretend to be in a moment or at a certain event.


In the video below you will learn how successful people develop habits in order to create true character with exceptional culture:

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Unknown member
Jun 20, 2021

Creating good habits and self discipline!


Unknown member
Jun 14, 2019

Great insight, smash every dot of life, its all connected!

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