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Aggressive Approach

What does "aggressive" mean?  If you misunderstand the meaning behind being an aggressive sales agent, or if you misuse the intended action of being "aggressive" it will drastically change your career as a real estate agent.  There are 2 types of aggressive approaches, Commission Breath & Services-Based Aggressiveness.  We must tie our behaviors to a strong enough belief behind why we are taking a service-based aggressiveness approach.  First, let's look at what it is not and then we will go over what it is.

What service-based aggressiveness is NOT

Service-Based Aggressive is not:

  • Forceful

  • Misleading

  • Overtalking

  • Not listening

  • A personality

  • Harassing

  • Unethical 

  • Uncaring

  • A tone of voice

  • Selfish

  • Overbearing 

  • Bad service

  • Anger

Many sales agents apply these beliefs to the word "aggressive" and they refuse to be seen as any of these because we are afraid of creating a bad reputation and/or the fear of hurting others.  When we apply any of these beliefs to the word "aggressive" we immediately think of a past situation where someone treated us with Bad Service, Unethically, Forceful tactics, or where we were misled in a situation.

These negative beliefs behind the word "aggressive" can and will hold you back from becoming your best.  Let's start with replacing these beliefs which do not serve us or others with the empowering beliefs below.

What service-based aggressiveness IS

Service-Based Aggressiveness is:

  • Over communicating

  • Following up frequently

  • Providing solutions to problems the client didn't know existed

  • Guiding the client through the sale

  • The highest level of service

  • Expeditious

  • Alert

  • Energetic & Active

  • Listening and responding instantaneously 

  • Handling objections fast with questions that tie down the close

  • Signing agreements now (allowing the client to cancel later)

  • Providing creativity in your approach

  • Offering assistance when no assistance is needed

  • Calling right now buyers daily even if there are no new listings

  • Calling sellers frequently with updates even if there are no updates to give

  • Showing up early

  • Calling clients who are "6 months out" weekly to keep them updated

  • Caring for the client's interest more than your own

  • Leading 

  • Available

  • Using all avenues available to communicate

  • Effective communication

  • Honesty and Transparency 

  • Providing clarity

  • Building trusting relationships

  • Out performing the competition

  • Finding & Implementing ways to contribute even when you are not asked to (home valuations, listing alerts, pop-bys, phone calls, etc.)

  • Ethical

  • A decision 


Service-Based Aggressiveness

"Aggressive" behaviors can mean many things.  What gets applied to your approach is based on how you made the client feel.  Do whats wrong and they will use "aggressive" as described in the first half when describing you.  Do whats right and they will use "aggressive" as described in the second half when describing you.


In my career as a real estate agent I have lost, I have been fired, and I have learned a lot.

I have been fired for not being aggressive enough.

I have been told by sellers that they needed a more aggressive agent to get the job done.

I have lost buyers due to not being aggressive enough to help them get the house of their dreams.

I have observed agents outperform the results of myself and others by using aggressive behaviors that served their clients and made them feel extremely important and involved.

But I have never been fired from a client who wanted to buy or sell because I was too service-based aggressive.


People will say they like your "laid back" personality, they will say they love your "low pressure" approach, they will say they chose you because you didn't try to "sell" them.  These are all feeling based words on the story they applied from your encounters with them.  

"If you don't know how to use service-based aggressiveness you'll be depending on hope, luck & magic to make money."

The goal is to win more clients the right way and if we do not use service-based aggressiveness with our clients then we give up our power, our talents, and our abilities to serve, close and create lasting relationships. Ultimately, failing our client's expectations.

Whether they say these things because you were not aggressive in any way or because you used aggressive behaviors that served them (mentioned in the second half) is up to you.  If you choose not to be aggressive at all there are many complications that come with that including:

  • Fewer clients

  • Fewer closings

  • Longer timeframes to build a pipeline

  • Stress

  • Upset clients who rely on you and your skillset

  • Clients missing out on their dream home

  • Clients not seeing how to make the deal happen and walking away


Create win-win situations by:

 Developing a service-based aggressive approach.


Serve clients by closing deals. People will always remember the agent who got the job done.

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Unknown member
Sep 05, 2018

Don't follow your dreams, chase them with aggressive pursuit!

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