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Agent Bio's

In order to create or maintain a powerful online presence, you’ve pretty much got to have your agent bio/profile all over the Internet). There is always some new social media platform or website where you’re required to add your personal profile.

Having your agent bio ready to go (saved on your computer—or in Dropbox, Google Drive or Evernote). Then, when the next new website comes, all you need to do is a quick cut and paste.

  • Create two. You need a short profile (of 25-100 words) and a longer one. Certain social media platforms only give you a few characters in order to share your message. So, make sure to write both a short one and a longer one.

  • Don’t sell. One of the most wonderful things about the Internet is that it allows consumers (home buyers and home sellers) to get to know you without every even meeting you. If you don’t like when a stereotypical used car salesman oversells you and breathes down your neck, then by all means do not use your bio to do the same thing.

  • Create trust. Both people who know you and those who do not will be seeing info about you and your business online. For those that do not know you yet, you’ll want to use your bio to create trust. You can do this by providing value or demonstrating how you have provided value in the past.

  • Show, don’t tell. I can either tell you that I am the best local Broker or I can show you examples, which demonstrate my awesomeness. By far, the demonstrations of awesomeness (personal stories, testimonials, etc.) will have a much stronger impact than a brag book.

  • Make it personal. While you probably do not want to share your thoughts on the current political situation, it is a good idea to share something personal. When you show that you have community and family ties, this goes a long way towards creating an instant relationship with the consumer.

  • Add a fun little ditty. "I like playing Scrabble, and I hate avocados. I also danced on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand in the 1970s." None of those facts is really going to offend a consumer. Consider adding some interesting and off-the-wall fact about you that will make you seem human and approachable.

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