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7 Levels of Commitment

What does it mean to be committed? There are different levels of commitment.  Throughout life I have found myself operating on each of these levels. Being aware of them has helped me control the outcome of what I am working towards. Knowing how to bring out extreme commitment has changed my life.

Each time I was winning or getting the result that I was looking for it was because of the level of extreme commitment I brought to the situation.

What level do you operate at?

Here are the 7 Levels of Commitment:

Level 1)

Wanting it - Everyone wants it. Wanting it has never been enough.

Level 2)

Safe Commitment - Being committed when already knowing the outcome. Aka the easy way.

Level 3)

Average Commitment - When you do what you have to and nothing else. You find yourself saying things likes "I'm a quick learner" or "If you show me I'll do what I can".

Level 4)

Do Your Best - Like your mom always said, "just do your best". You are doing more than what is needed but once you feel you have done your best you turn to this justifying phrase, "I did my best".

Level 5)

Competitive Commitment - *Danger* At this level you compare yourself to others and you do whatever it takes to make sure you don't lose. Even if it brings others down. When it's over you say, "I'm just competitive". When there is nothing to give you that significant feeling you just "chill" and wait for the next person to 1 up in front of others.

Level 6)

Winners Commitment - You are a winner. You work harder than most around you. You love what you do and you separate yourself from others to double down and do work.

Level 7)

EXTREME COMMITMENT - *This is rare* This person always seems to be working. Always be in the zone. They usually don't go out and party. When they talk they ask questions that are focused on their work and/or focused on solving one of your problems. Finding a need that you have to help with. Extremely committed people want to help others level up too. They operate in win-win only. They work towards their goals even when on vacation. They do something every single day to better their future. They measure their progress and track important numbers. They work even when they don't feel like it. In fact, when they don't feel like it, they do a plus one.

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