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10 Success Tips

  1. If customers aren’t leaving you great reviews on social media, you’ve failed to deliver true customer service and have missed a huge opportunity. When a customer leaves a good review on social media it tells all of their followers about you! Teach them to do it by telling them up front. Script: "Thanks for choosing me as your real estate agent. If I am able to meet all your needs and help you get where you want to be / help you get into the home you want, would you be willing to leave me a review on social media?

  2. There is no one key to success, it’s a combination of things. Your daily activities completed successfully, consistently over time will develop success. Don't rely on a social media post or even multiple social media posts. It takes massive determined action to dominate your space in this industry. Know what to say, have people to say it to and say it enough times and do it all through more than enough platforms (phone calls, texts, handwritten notes, social media posts, social media direct messages, in person visits). Master one and then add another.

  3. Analysis paralysis is the #1 mistake in business. Stay out of your head and stop making yourself feel like you need to know more. Instead, commit first, and figure the rest out later. Don't get ready today so that tomorrow you can take action. Take action today first and figure it out as you move forward. Knowing is never enough. Analysis paralysis can be your biggest enemy and time suck. No real estate agent has out produced another by knowing more, reading more, taking more classes, or even practicing more. Practice what to say daily for 10-20 mins max then immediately take income producing action.

  4. Timing will never be perfect for anything. Go faster than the rest of the marketplace and reevaluate. Speed is the new big. How fast you respond, how fast you produce content to post, how fast you get answers, how fast you negotiate, how fast you follow up, how fast you close, how fast you handle objections, even how fast you type an email can move you miles past the competition. Urgency and speed will be your secret weapon, time is your most valuable asset, and quick decision making along with executing are your best skills and habits.

  5. The things we repeat to ourselves are the things we manifest (good and bad.) If you say the market is declining, your personal market and production will decline. If you say that you create your market and you take all the necessary actions to do so, you will create your market and production as planned. Recognize the statements and beliefs you have that do not serve you and/or the greater good and remove those statements and thoughts from your life. Replace them with empowering statements, thoughts & beliefs that serve you.

  6. When leading people (including your clients) don’t make suggestions, make decisions. Decision making is a skill that is developed. Many of your clients will not posses this skill and will rely on you as their professional. Examples: Don't say - I think you might like this home, would you like to see it? Do say - You are going to love this home! Let's go take a look at it today. Don't say - Would you like to make an offer? Do say - Let's look at recent sales together and determine what a good offer would be on this house.

  7. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. Too many people collect information rather than knowledge. Knowledge is collected information in action. Information is raw data. Knowing is not enough. Knowledge is information and skills acquired through experience.

  8. To craft the perfect pitch you have to work on creating an irresistible offer. We achieve this when your value proposition meets all their needs and exceeds the cost of doing business. Create irresistible offers by asking the right questions in order to find a way to solve their real estate related problems.

  9. Be willing to improve yourself daily. We must understand that we are selling ourselves first. People do business with people. We must improve ourselves daily to master our craft and raise the standard. By raising our standards and working towards mastery we begin to dominate rather than compete.

  10. Know your value or the world will never reward you for it. Your clients will always act on emotions. The will always feel your intentions. They will be able to feel how confident you are. Your biggest objections or worries will also be your clients biggest objections or worries. Know that you are worth more than the cost of your services and never allow others to lower your worth.

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