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Use the form below to rate yourself on your Appointment Setting Efficiency.


Don't be delusional about your appointment setting and scripts skill level.  Instead be critically in pursuit of the next level of yourself and your career.


  • Review the meaning/definition of each category below

  • Be honest and be critical on your current position

  • Complete this with a team member to get another honest & critical opinion

  • Set a 1-month goal for each category


In addition to completing the ASE you must also be tracking your daily activities and you must know your numbers, your conversion rates, and your averages so that you can effectively and efficiently progress and hit or exceed your goals year after year. Also known as, GROWTH.



  1. Certainty/Confidence
    Do you believe in what you are saying 100% of the time?  Do you know what to say each time with confidence? Do you sound like you mean it? Would you question yourself if you were on the other line?

  2. Opening Scripts
    Do you have your opening line mastered and can you use it on any type of call?  Do you talk too much? Do you say something to drop their guard and/or ask a good question?  Do you listen after you speak or do you speed talk?

  3. Objection Handling Scripts
    Can you handle objections quickly and smoothly? Or do you struggle at finding ways to keep the conversation going? Can you ignore objections smoothly and/or use them for good?  Do objections scare you or can you agree and keep them on the phone every time?

  4. Tie Downs
    Do you use tie downs throughout the conversation as much as possible?  Do you say tie downs with confidence and keep them agreeing with you?  Do you practice tie downs daily by saying them out loud before you start the day in order to internalize them?  Do you have an arsenal of tie downs to use?

  5. Closing Scripts
    Do you ask for the appointment at least 4-6 times per conversation?  Do you have multiple ways of asking for the conversation so that you can change your approach?  Do you track how many times you are asking for the appointment on each call? Do you ask for it with confidence and with clarity on the times you are available?  Do you secure tentative appointments? 

  6. Pitch/Tone
    Are you aware of your pitch/tone when on the phone?  Do you control your pitch/tone?  Do you bring energy and excitement to the call?  Do you video tape yourself to review and make changes in order to master your pitch/tone?

  7. Pace
    Are you aware of your pace on the phone?  Do you control your pace?  Do you speak clearly and at a level that your client can understand?

  8. Mirror & Match
    Are you aware of or paying close attention to the person on the other line?  Do you recognize their pitch, their pace, and their personality style?  Do you control yours in order to match them?  Do you say words that they use to build a connection?  Do you like the same things they like?  Do you agree with them?  Do you sound like them?

  9. Aggressiveness
    Do you understand and believe in what service-based aggressive approach is and how to use it? Or do you have beliefs that being too aggressive will cause you to have less business, annoy people, and lose sales?  Use these questions to rate your aggressiveness:
    Are you aggressive in all avenues, every day, even when told not to be? 
    Do you operate with the mindset that if you are not aggressive it is a disservice to your clients? 
    Do you consistently set appointments early?  Do you follow up more frequently than asked to?
    Do you knock on doors if you are unable to reach them? 
    Do you get listing agreements signed on the first appointment 80% of the time or more? 
    Do you get buyer brokers signed immediately? 
    Do you respond to leads within 5 minutes all the time? 
    Do you get upset when you miss a call, forget to respond, or miss your daily activity goals for the day?
    Do you show up to work early and stay late working?
    Do you work after hours and weekends even when you don't have appointments?


  10. Willingness
    Willingness is measured by the feeling you get when going to work, staying at work, lead generating (making calls, sending texts, emails, writing notes, etc.), meeting clients, showing homes, speaking up, & putting in long hour days when needed.  Some of us get a feeling that makes it easy for us to delay, ignore, avoid, and/or give excuses as to why we are not doing it.
    Willingness also means to have a desire, readiness, eagerness, and with enthusiasm. 


  11. Mindset
    Do you believe in what we are doing every single day?  Do you have faith?  Do you believe that there is an abundance of business available?
    When making a call and being told that they are not interested and to stop calling them do  you agree with statement B below:

    They are telling the truth and I feel bad for calling them and should never call back.  Maybe I will keep them on email updates but they were very unhappy and did not want to hear from me because they are not interested.

    Buyers are liars and sellers are worse.  Right now was not a good time to talk and they are not ready yet.  I will follow up with a service-based aggressive style in order to earn their business when the time is right for them.  I will use my sales skills and experience to help them make a decision quickly and will also make their needs my priority.


  12. Follow Up
    Do you follow up until they buy, sell, die or file a restraining order?  Do you set long-term reminders in Kunversion and your Google Calendar for immediate and future follow up tasks?  Do you use drip campaigns?  Do you take physical and mental notes when communicating with clients and then follow up on important parts of the conversation?  Do you call new leads 3 times on day one?  Do you call all new leads 10 times over 2 weeks and then again for the following 2 weeks if not response?  When you receive a lead do you research them on social media, add them to lists, and text them?  Do you do it again multiple times even if they don't respond the first or second time?  Have you read and do you follow the BMP Follow Up plan ?  Have you mastered all of the 10 Big Follow Up Mistakes?

  13. Consistency
    Do you treat all leads the same?  Do you give the same service to all clients?  Do you make sure that every lead you receive gets the same aggressive follow-up plan?  Do you get upset when you haven't called a lead for a week or maybe 2?  Do you wake up at the same time every day?  Do you work the same hours every week?  Do you stay at the office every day and find ways to get more business, set more appointments.....  Do you practice scripts?  Do you use your scripts on every call/conversation? Do you stay active on social media daily? 


Certainty / Confidence
Opening Scripts
Objection Handling Scripts
Tie Downs
Closing Scripts
Pitch / Tone
Mirror & Match
Follow Up
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