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What is Urgency?

Urgency is a combination or thoughts, feelings, and actual behavior.

Thoughts - there is great opportunity.

Feelings - Gut level determination to do something NOW, and to do something to WIN.

Behavior - Alertness of what is going on. Sense of coming to work everyday with a commitment to making something happen on the important issues. A sense that you give off to others making them feel that we have to get going because it is SO important. It’s this commitment removing the junk and time sucks in order to WIN. It’s a determination and movement that is smart and that WINS.

In real estate, a “sense of urgency” is a good thing. Yet many real estate agents confuse this with a “sense of emergency,” which insidiously saps the life from their business. Urgency comes from a greater purpose focused outward, to make good things happen, while handling emergencies is a reactionary inward approach to saving ourselves from the daily crisis.

Real urgency is an essential asset that must be created and re-created.

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