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Starred Email Reminders

HACK: STARRED EMAIL REMINDERS I get 100's of emails per day, many of them are junk, many of them are important, and many of them I need to get back to at a later time.  In the past I would "star" an email but then found that my "starred" emails just became another dumping ground and I rarely followed up on these important emails.  I use the Gmail hack below in order to get a daily reminder about the emails that I have starred in my Gmail account. This sends me one daily email notifying me of how many starred emails I currently have.


1. Copy this Google Sheet to your Google Drive.
2. Open the sheet and a new "Gmail" option will appear in the menu bar. Choose Initialize and grant access.
3. Now choose Gmail -> Install to activate the script that will send you a daily newsletter. Close the Google sheet.


If you wish to stop receiving the email reminder anytime, open the same Google Sheet and choose Uninstall from the Gmail menu. Also, the Google Script will send you a summary of 10 messages from your Starred folder. You can, however, change the values of cell D5 and D7 in the sheet to monitor another label or change the count of messages that should be included in your daily reminder.

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