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4 Reasons People Fail in Real Estate

Below are the top 4 reasons people fail in real estate.

1. Negativity

Do you have a smile and or do you complain about your last client, lead or interaction with a human in general and how terrible everything was? Do you want enthusiasm, eye contact, and positivity around you?

If you lack passion in your daily activities, I can only imagine what your level of interest will be at 4:30 PM on a Friday afternoon when a prequalified buyer or urgent seller wants to meet to do business. And trust me, your clients will feel it too.

2. Being Unprepared or Allowing situations to Run Your Life

It happens more often than not. Time and time again I have to tell people to get their own house in order before they come into my house. Why would anyone want to spend the majority of their time with someone who has no interest in the company, the team, or the partnership or doesn’t even know its mission, and lacks knowledge of the position itself and how to lead generate, follow up, or doesn't care to learn scripts to convert better?

Worse are those who can’t even explain what value they can offer me or others because they don’t know themselves.  Understand our value proposition, create a unique value proposition. Work hard and be consistent.

3. Not Hungry

Don't get in business with people who have a take-it-or-leave-it attitude, and neither should you. I don’t want people on our team who aren’t hungry because they will bail when the going gets tough and they will always blame others. Surround yourself with people who want it. People who show up even when they have nothing to do and they find something to do. People who will work when there is no work to do because their future business is more important than their right now business.

4. Showing Up Late

This happens way too often with people. People can’t show up on time for the appointment. This includes your buyer & seller appointments but also, more importantly, your appointment to be in the office immersing yourself in the industry with an obsession to succeed no matter what.

Notice: None of the top reasons people fail had to do with "information". Information is everywhere.  We must maximize our resources.  Don't be "infotained" - Entertained by information. Going to class after class, getting ready to get ready.  There is always someone outworking us and there is always someone working even harder to take everything away from you so they can get it or to make sure that they get it first.

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