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You're getting a new listing! 

Now it's time to get all of your paperwork filled out and signed. Check out the examples below to learn how to fill out the documents correctly.

Filling out your documents correctly the first time will ensure a quick and smooth listing process and a happy Broker!

It is important to have an in depth understanding of all the documents involved in a transaction. Click the link to see examples of the documents that you will need for EVERY listing you take. Plus some other commonly used documents that you should be aware of as well.

The Data Sheet is used by the Marketing Staff to create your public description and photo captions, and by the Transaction Staff to enter your listing into your MLS.  To ensure that the property is input as quickly as possible, it is imperative that the data sheet be filled out accurately. Additionally, your Broker requires that the data sheet be signed by your seller approving what information we're sharing/disclosing about the property in MLS. 

**Best Practice Tip: Have the seller(s) fill out the SPDS while you walk around and fill out the data sheet!**

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