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Willingness is like a muscle.  It can be strengthened.


Willingness is measured by the feeling you get when going to work, staying at work, lead generating (making calls, sending texts, emails, writing notes, etc.), meeting clients, showing homes, speaking up, & putting in long hour days when needed.  Some of us get a feeling that makes it easy for us to delay, ignore, avoid, and/or give excuses as to why we are not doing it.

High rated willingness also means to have a desire for it, readiness to do it, eagerness, and with enthusiasm during it. 

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In order to be more willing, we must be extremely committed to what we are doing.  The only way to create this level of commitment is by understanding why we are doing exactly what it is we are doing.  


We were born to do more than just live and pay bills. We don't work because working is the most exciting, most fun thing we could think of doing.  We work hard to fund the perfect life.  Write down in your goals the reasons why you are committed to working.



Name 5 things that are for you and 5 things that are impacted and made available by your willingness to work hard.


Now on the other side of your paper write down everything that you would lose if you were not willing.  Add more to it by thinking of all the things that would be impacted by your unwillingness to work hard.  Continue to write down more of what you would lose, more of what you would lose out on doing, what you would lose out on creating, who you would lose out on helping, what or who you would not be able to donate to, what would you be unable to contribute towards because of your unwillingness to do whatever it takes to hit your goals.

Hang this sheet of paper up in front of your desk so you see it daily.  Make sure the second part, the pain, is what you see first.


Ask yourself these questions:


  • Am I willing to fail?

  • Am I willing to make mistakes?

  • Am I willing to not be liked by everyone?

  • Am I willing to ask for business?

  • Do I believe in myself?

  • Am I willing to be the hardest working person in the room?

  • Am I willing to be uncomfortable?

  • Do I have thoughts which hold me back?

  • Am I willing to put my emotions aside?


Also, ask yourself this questions:


  • Am I willing to call 50-100 people per day?

  • Am I willing to work until I set 1 appointment minimum per day?

  • Am I willing to be hung up on and ridiculed?

  • Am I willing to follow up aggressively?


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