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People like to buy from people they like.


Tonality isn’t just in the words we speak, but our body language as well. Considering that you only have 7 seconds to make a good first impression, you need all the help you can get.


7% of the effectiveness of your communication is a result of what you actually say.

38% comes from the tone of voice you use in your pitch.

55% of the effectiveness of your communication comes from your body language.


The Building Blocks of Tonality

Tonality is probably a lot more complex than you’ve ever realized up to this point. This commonality of perspective, along with fostering likability and trust, is what is at the root of real building rapport. You have to understand the three methods of communicating in order to improve the tone of each method.



The 3 Primary Modes of Communication

  1. Verbal

  2. Vocal

  3. Visual

The rapport your build with a prospect at the door is essential to your success.



Creating this level of connection requires capturing and keeping your prospect’s attention by genuinely connecting with them.


What’s more important is that they connect with you on both a conscious, and unconscious, level. Tonality is a key fundamental component of building rapport and establishing trust.


The visual component of your first impression, and overall communication, relies heavily on how you present yourself, or how you dress.



The 8 Tonal Patterns

  1. Scarcity/Urgency

  2. Reasonable Man

  3. Absolute Certainty

  4. I care

  5. Using a question when it should be declarative

  6. Series of 3 up-tones

  7. The presupposing tone

  8. I really want to know


Your tonal patterns and body language are what allow you to establish yourself as someone worth listening to. Certain tones and gestures are pleasing to the ears and eyes. They imply certainty in regards to what you’re saying.



Examples of the Tonal Patterns:

Scarcity/Urgency –

“We’re running a special in your neighborhood since we already have 14 other customers here but you will have to make a decision today.”


Reasonable Man –

“That seems like a reasonable thing to do, doesn’t it?”


Absolute Certainty –

“I can absolutely do that for you, 100%.”


I Care –

“I completely understand and agree with you that this high end product is a little outside your budget…”


Declarative as a Question –

“Hi this is Trey?”


Three Up Tones –

“Hi this is Trey, with ABC, stopping by because I’m in your area” – each time when the statement is finished you raise your voice at the end.


Presupposing Tone –

“By installing solar on your home not only will you save money on your monthly electric bill but the value of your home will increase”


I Really Want to Know –

“Are you doing good today Mr. Jones?”



Pro Tip – Keep your prospects attention by combining tones during your presentation otherwise they will tune out.  Changing your tone from high when asking a question or seeking agreement to firm when making a bold statement to going down to a whisper when you want to peak their interest will help keep whomever your talking to engaged.

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