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Do you believe in what we are doing every single day?  Do you have faith?  Do you believe that there is an abundance of business available?

When making a call and being told that they are not interested and to stop calling them do  you agree with statement B below:

They are telling the truth and I feel bad for calling them and should never call back.  Maybe I will keep them on email updates but they were very unhappy and did not want to hear from me because they are not interested.

Buyers are liars and sellers are worse.  Right now was not a good time to talk and they are not ready yet.  I will follow up with a service-based aggressive style in order to earn their business when the time is right for them.  I will use my sales skills and experience to help them make a decision quickly and will also make their needs my priority.


Developing a mindset for success is the most important step, and at the same time, the most commonly missed step amongst real estate agents.  Agents tend to get in their own way and create limiting beliefs before they even start.  Many of these beliefs are:


  • I don't want to bother people

  • Friends & family will use me even if I don't ask them to

  • I am not an aggressive/direct person 

  • I am too young

  • I am too old

  • People won't like me if I ask for business

  • My personality is different

  • The market controls my results

  • My leads suck

  • I don't have time

  • I can't wake up early

  • I don't know how

  • I don't know what to do

  • I am not capable


Believe me, I have heard and used every one of these limiting beliefs.  It is easier to blame one of these beliefs or situations on our current results than it is to face them and overcome them.  In order to catapult into becoming a successful real estate agent, we must use our fear, and not let fear use us.



In order to find the truth, we must first commit to being coachable, accountable, and we must commit to being uncomfortable as we try a new approach.



In order to program our mind to have thoughts that serve us and create beliefs that serve us we must first tell it what to do.  Let me explain....


I believe in speaking our results into existence.  There is power in the words we use and the words we listen to.  These words cause our unconscious mind to navigate towards what we said/heard.  Instead of saying the negative words or thoughts above switch them out with the following:


  • I am a great salesperson

  • I am successful

  • I am the hardest working real estate agent

  • I am a leader

  • I inspire other agents to create outstanding value through my actions

  • Nothing can stop me from hitting my goals

  • I am a force for good

  • I am a force for god

  • I am respectful

  • My leads are home, they are excited to hear from me and they will do business with me

  • I am amazing at lead generation

  • I can handle any objection

  • I make time for the things that matter most

  • I am resourceful

  • I control my results, the market does not

  • If I fail to follow up aggressively I am doing a disservice to my clients/leads

  • I will lead not follow

  • I will believe not doubt

  • I will create not destroy

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