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Courage - Commitment - Capabilities - Confidence

How to have certainty and Confidence



Having certainty and confidence comes from developing an identity within yourself so that whatever you say, your actions follow. By maximizing your strengths at what you are good at.



The #1 reason real estate agents don't ask for business is because there is no certainty in it. Let me explain, there is certainty when you clock in to get paid and clock out at a 9-5 job, so many are willing to ask for sales at their 9-5 job but then struggle to ask for business for themselves.




Find others who have the result that you want in the field that you are in. These people will understand what you are going through and how it works.  These are the people that will have the best advice for you on how to have a breakthrough and be successful.


Let your courage be so strong that you are willing to do whatever it takes and don't trip over your own feet or thoughts.

"Get in your head, you're dead"


Don't recreate the wheel. Instead just follow the model, use the scripts and follow up as outlined without questioning anything or getting in your head.


Have Courage and embrace the feeling of being uncomfortable. Understand that the only thing


hold us back is ourselves and the fear of the unknown because we are attempting something new or different.





Once you have courage then your decision on your commitment level comes. See "The 7 Levels of Commitment" blog post.



People are either "Interested" or they are "Committed". When someone is interested he or she will do it when circumstances permit. When someone is committed they accept no excuses, only results and he or she will do it even when
they don't feel like doing it.

Have extreme commitment. Develop an obsession for your daily activities and relate them to your ultimate success. See "Create an Obsession" blog post.


Set goals, create an action plan, and stick to it daily.



Live in alignment with your potential and not your current situation. Create standards that are "musts" instead of living with "shoulds".


"Stop shoulding all over yourself"


Example 1: I must speak with 10 people today about real estate. - This statement means there is no alternative or option. 


Example 2: I should speak with 10 people today about real estate. - This statement means you have options and alternatives which also describes your commitment level to the activity and ultimately creates your outcome.



Commit to the goal, not the approach. If you fail once, ask again. Don't be the agent who finds their lead doing business with another agent because they didn't ask one more time. 



Our capabilities are limitless and once we recognize the beliefs that do not serve us and we replace them with empowering ones which do, we become unstoppable.



Be coachable and open to new approaches.  Ask for assistance and immerse yourself into the activities and lifestyle.



Learn to master one thing at a time. Most people try to multitask many things and never develop the confidence & certainty in anything. 



Practice daily on the things which matter most. We get rusty within hours and practice is needed to perform at our peak. Practicing sharpens your capabilities which develops confidence.


Maximizing your capabilities creates certainty and confidence. It's in the execution of your daily activities that you develop the confidence in doing it daily.



The more skin you put into it, the more committed and confident you become. Massive action is the antidote to fear.





Still struggling to have more certainty and confidence?


The most important thing in sales is having certainty and confidence. Your leads and clients will smell you from a mile away if you lack certainty and confidence. Your voice will quiver, you will use filler words more than regular words (ex: Um, And, Essentially).


More important than knowing what to say is having certainty and confidence in what you say.  You can say the completely wrong thing but say it with certainty and authority as a matter of fact and you will set appointments, write contracts and close sales.  However, relying on this one skill alone will only allow you to become average or slightly more.  We must develop all areas and take our entire career and life to another level.  See "How to take anything to the next level" blog post.



Ask yourself these questions:

  • Will I ever intentionally put my client in a bad/hurtful situation?

  • Would I ever force someone into something they did not want?

  • Will I lie to by benefit?

  • Will I be unethical?



If you answered NO to all of the above questions then you should instantly gain the certainty and confidence in yourself as the only real estate agent that anyone should do business with.  Because if you hold this ingredient of care, trust, good intentions - you are the one they need. It is very likely that a buyer or seller may find an agent who provides a lack of service, follow up and follow through which leads to a lawsuit or guides them into something they do not want.



By having a service-based aggressiveness style with certainty and confidence you are serving your clients at the highest level possible. See "Aggressive Approach" blog post.



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